Brandon Braddock is a high-energy idea person and successful entrepreneur since 1992.     Brandon has successfully achieved the goal of positioning himself as a forward thinking and fresh innovator.

In 1999 Brandon Braddock ventured off and added to his career, a diverse portfolio in the Chauffeur Transportation Industry. Today, Brandon is the CEO of the well-established Celebrity Limousine Network.  Celebrity Limousine not only rents exotic limousines across New England, but it buys and sells limousines both national and international. Celebrity Coach Building Division opened up in 2010 which allowed the company to start building limousine buses from the floor up. Then in 2011 Celebrity Chauffeur was founded by Brandon which helps people obtain a Commercial Driver License and now is proud to offer financial aid and job placement for every student!

Most people, who know this self-trained entrepreneur, will tell you he never stops. Even in high school, as the Captain of his sports teams and Class President, Brandon was buying and selling at an early age. By the age of 18 Brandon was managing over 40 employees, buying and selling cars, building custom home theaters and buying, selling and installing car audio and video. Today Brandon still buys and sells cars through his Auto Dealership, Ultra Auto Center and he still provides custom audio video installation in his Auto Salon.   Ultra Auto Center also provides auto repair and in 2017 just opened up an Interstate Auto Towing & Recovery division.  Braddock says he has a few new things up his sleeve in 2018 and says that the company is about to reach another tipping point as it builds a fleet of tow trucks and is opening a Auto Rental Division by Spring.

Brandon Braddock has always maintained a creative edge. Brandon says this year in 2018 he is going to bring back his Ticket Agency, 508-Tickets and plans on partnering in with Sifu Kevin Lothrop and opning up Harmonious Fist Society. Braddock who has been a student in Martial Arts for a consistent 33 years loves training and teaching traditional Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu. Braddock continues to produce companies of a consistent excellent standard, with his relentless pursuit of only the highest quality for his clients - from large corporations to the single consumer.

In February of 2018 Brandon joined up with Let Love International and now serves on the board of Missionary Non-Profit that will be raising donations for the needy in Guatemala and Peru as well as hosting Service Trips for young adults looking to literally go across the world and physically help those in need.  Brandon says his real passion is serving others. Brandon serves as a volunteer in Waters Church in North Attleboro, he is a Small Groups Leader and a Brandon teaches young children and teenagers about the love of Jesus Christ on Sunday monrings.

When asked if money brings happiness, Brandon will be the first to admit, “No.  Money does not bring happiness.  But I know what does.  Knowing you’re a sinner, but being forgiven and accepted by God though, through the cross of Jesus Christ, knowing you’re his child, then being given a new identity, one with real purpose….  There-in lies peace, joy and true happiness. Money is just a part of life where God tells us to be a good steward with our talents. When we are faithful in little He will allow us to be faithful in much."




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