Brandon Braddock is a high-energy idea person and successful entrepreneur. Over 23 years now, Braddock has been entrepreneurial in developing several of his own personal companies. As the creative director of Brandon Braddock Group he has successfully achieved the goal of positioning himself as a forward thinking and fresh innovator, that not only sees to it that his clients visions are realized but are "exceeded" in all expectations. According to Brandon, he is a creative Entrepreneur who would rather brainstorm a new business idea than watch TV at night.

In 1999 Brandon Braddock ventured off and started a new career in the Chauffeur Transportation Industry. Today, Brandon Braddock is the President of the Celebrity Limousine Network, with best friend and partner Jon Coombs, original founder of Entourage Livery. Celebrity Limousine has by far, the largest Celebrity database on the East Coast and has a rewarding relationship with over 10,000 business owners from Boston to New York City.

Most people, who know this self-trained entrepreneur, will tell you he never stops. Braddock latest creation, Celebrity Chauffeur, just opened in winter of 2011. This chauffeur school offers full financial aid and job placement for every student. With the help of CEO's, Vice Presidents and a good staff of well trained employees, Braddock opens up new companies almost twice a year.

Even in high school, as the Captain of his sports teams and Class President, Brandon Braddock was buying and selling at an early age. By the age of 18 Braddock was managing over 40 employees, buying and selling cars, building custom home theaters and buying, selling and installing car audio and video. Today Braddock still buys and sells cars through his Auto Dealership on Route 1 in North Attleboro and he still provides custom audio video installation in his Auto Salon, A Ultra Auto Center and Salon, Inc.

Brandon Braddock has always maintained a creative edge continues to produce companies of a consistent excellent standard, with his relentless pursuit of only the highest quality for his clients - from large corporations to the single consumer.

Braddock says he has a few new things up his sleeve in 2016 and says that the company is about to reach another tipping point. If you are an investor, an Entrepreneur or have experience running sucessful businesses and are looking to pursue a career in any of his companies, schedule an interview with him.  Braddock says he will interviewing for the first 6 months of 2016. Call his assistant Tom at 401-441-8584 for further info.




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