I just so happen to love Ali G. He is one of my favorite all time Comedians. In this interview, I believe he paid to have a few minutes of camera time with Trump. Trump didnt figure out he was making a mockery of him until after about 50 seconds. LOL Check it out.


As you have probably seen so far, my companies are no joke. Every single one of them has survived the economy. If you are looking to simply be employed for me, then read on. If you are looking to join my organization as an Entrepreneur and create some wealth with me then skip this secton and read the section below. I think that some people were made to create while others were made to work. Some people were born to follow. Some, to lead. Again, if your a leader, read the section below on how to maximise your potential in my companies. If you are looking to follow orders then lets talk about what you excel in and where you would best fit into my companies and follow orders.

Start out by reading who we are and what we are about. Understand our role, how the public sees us and how you see us. We are pure entertainment with only a few side adventures goin on like a Car Dealership or two, etc... If you identify an area that fits into your shedule and you can see yourself fitting into that department, put together your resume, request an interview and be knowledgeable of what your looking for and most importantly get ready to tell me why you think you will benefit that department.

During your interview, dont just let me interview you. You interview me. A good business relationship works both ways. I need to be happy and you need to be happy. Some people, actually, the majority of people, work a job they dont love because they need the money and depend on the money. I have experienced it myself and know its true, first hand. Let me save you the time. You wont last here, so dont waiste your time. I only hire people and keep people, that LOVE THEIR JOB. I love my job and the more people that are like me, the higher the success rate will be in whatever department you are looking to get into. Im not just saying that to scare you away or intimidate you. Im saying it, because I only want the best for my companies and you should want the best for yourself too.

If you are interested in working for me and you know that you are not strongly experienced in the field that you are applying for, just be honest during your interview. If you are energetic, responsible, dependable, a fast learner and have any skill at all in that field, I will pick up on it right away and have offered training many times to the right person. If you are not experienced and act like you are, you are only gonna find yourself in an embarrassing situation.



I dont make any money off Trumps books. LOL I only put the link above because I built 20 Companies through reading his books and books like his.... and applying the knowledge. One of my absolute favorite which took me to the next level was Rich Dad. Poor Dad. I actually don’t care what your education is, I do highly suggest though, if you want to work in an important position for an Entrepreneur like myself, then you should read his books. I learned 90% of my business skills through his teachings and business strategies. If you want to be successful, follow successful people. I built the companies I have on the fundamental principles of the richest companies and entropreneurs in America, starting with Donald Trump. So again, read his books. If your gonna work for me, use his priniples in your day to day responsibilities, your networking and your job. Every day. And all day. I hate nothing more than business people who cant figure the answer to the problems out when the answer is right in front of their face. You want to make money? Follow America's richest men and women. Dont follow your Uncle Ralphs business strategies. If your reading this section your not looking to work for me. Your looking to get rich with me. Read his books. You will laugh at college graduates who think they are smart and... we'll both make alot of money, together!

I was once told, "You can only be as good as your team". My current staff is approximatly 100 if you include my VIP Host. Inside each company I have created Departments. One at a time. As they were needed. I have never once, bought into an already exsisting company with employees. Building, creating and innovating are my specialties. And each department I formed was created to seperate job tasks, organize repsonibilities, manage finances and accounting better, and most importantly... control my liabilities and protect the overall corporation and my other corporations. If you notice, each company that I own can be strategically ran with the same staff, equipment and office space. Not all. But most.

If your looking to join my companies and create some wealth for yourself than you need to understand exactly how I operate. "Knowledge is the key to success." If you dont understand me, then you will join my team and you will be gone as soon as I realize that your of no true, authentic, hard paper money value, to my company or companies. This web site is for you entropreneurs that love what you do and are "the best" at what you do and point blankly, want to get rich. This website,, is for people that are looking to join my team and build my company and/or companies with me. Bottom line.

Sometimes I can't afford "the best" and have to settle for 2nd or 3rd. If you love "the idea" of working for my companies, but are not "the best" in your field, I actually may have a position for you if you are trainable and we have the time to train you. And, often we do train. The only point here that I wanna make clear is this: If you say you are good then your actions better speak for themselves. If you are not excellent at what you do, please, dont exaggerate in your interview cause I will know immediatly upon your hire. Be honest. If your not excellent at what you do but wanna be, then say it up front and I may hire you still and pay you accordingly or tell you to take another year and come back after you have a little more experience.

If you are looking to create wealth and build my companies with me, send in your resume today along with a portfolio of who you are and what you have done. I want to see it for myself.


Think Big.



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