1. Think Big.
    If you want to be successful, thing BIG.  Real big actually.  Dont waste your time on a great idea and not think BIG.  Think on a huge scale.  Does your idea have potential?  Will it or can it go national.  If not, it might be a little idea.  So little, maybe you should stop thinking about it.  :)
  2. Be thorough and solve your own problems.
    If you want to be an entrepreneur, stop asking you Mom to help you out with your daily needs.  Solve your own problems.  It doesn’t matter how big.  Solve them yourself.  Figure it out.
  3. Keep your momentum going. Once you start "don’t stop".
    Often, I have a million ideas going through my head.  However, sometimes the spirit comes upon me and I start to develop a nice momentum on a great idea.  Once your momentum starts, keep it going.  Don’t stop.
  4. Stay focused or you will lose your momentum.
    When I hear friends talk about great ideas, sometimes I hear them change the subject in the middle of a focus group. Stay focused. Or you will lose your momentum and quit.   
  5. Look at the SOLUTION, not the problem.
    My personal favorite. I apply it every single day.  When a problem arises, look at the solution.  Don’t waste any time looking at the problem.  While your friends are complaining about the problem, you should be focused on the solution. Move on and move fast. 
  6. See your OPPORTUNITY for what it is and never expect life to be fair.
    Life isn’t fear so accept it, and take advantage of the opportunities that have been put in your lap.  Do something with yourself. Don’t have a pity party because life didn’t treat you fair.
  7. Be open to new ideas.
    Be open minded.  Don’t think you know it all because you have “experience” and your good at what you do.
  8. Know everything you can about what you’re doing.
    Knowledge is the secret to success.
  9. Be lucky. Be passionate.
    You need to love what you are doing.
    Wake up every morning; work hard at what you do.  Give it your all and love it. If you don’t love what you do, change careers.
  10. See yourself as victorious. It can zap negativity and see the negativity as simply challenges to beat!
    See your success.  Think your success.  Live your success.  Enjoy your success.
  11. Take both sides into account. Yours and the person you’re going up against.
    Know who your enemy is.  Know your competition.
  12. Be smart. Be innovative.
    Always be innovative.  Always think fresh and out of the box.
  13. Stay out of your comfort zone.
    You cannot be successful without taking risk and living outside your comfort zone.
  14. Take things one day at a time and don’t take yourself seriously.
    Be serious about what you do, but don’t act too serious.  Life is short.  Remember, you never know what tomorrow will bring.  Don’t act on some power trip because you’re doing good today. Always be humble and thankful for your success.
  15. Always be moving forward.
    Don’t stop trying to improve.  Someone is always out their watching you trying to beat you at your own game with your own moves.  Always improve, change for the better and move forward.
  16. Be quick to decide.
    Don’t take forever to make decisions.  Follow your heart and exercise your power and ability to make good calls.
  17. Measure everything of significance.
    Measure your profits, losses, keep your books tight and manage the numbers.  This will allow you to predict future financial statuses, financial budgets and know your company’s success rate without guessing.
  18. Pay attention to your competition, but pay more attention to what you’re doing.
    It’s funny how the little things can distract us.  Pay attention to the details and what your staff is doing.
  19. Never let anyone push you around.
    Don’t let anyone scare you or push you around.  If your competition starts to slander you, drop a lawsuit on them.  You’re not in high school now.  You’re in the big boy world.  Man up.  Get a good team of lawyers to protect you
  20. And most importantly, never give up. Ever. Don’t ever give up.!!!
    There is no going back.  You’re in this to win.  Start what you finish.  – -

    - Good Luck, Brandon



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